Fraser’s Hill

Rising 1,500 metres above sea-level on the Titiwangsa mountain range of Peninsula Malaysia is Fraser’s Hill. Named after a solitary English pioneer called James Fraser in the 1890s, it actually consist of seven hills. The architecture of the older buildings are essentially Georgian as it was meant to be a cool retreat from the humidity of the lowlands for the earlier British community when Malaysia was still a colony of the British empire.
Today, it is still a favoured destination for anyone wishing to escape from not only the humidity but also the hustle and bustle of city life. Fraser’s Hill is truly an idyllic place for one to rest and to be away from it all.

James Fraser was an accountant by profession who had travelled to Australia at the peak of the gold rush and then on to Malaya, hoping to strike gold at what was known as Ulu Tras. He didn’t find much gold but tin deposits was aplenty. Chinese miners was called upon to extract the tin which was then hauled by mules through thich jungle along perilous hill route to the nearest town, Raub. Here, Fraser set up camp and a gambling den for his workers.

But after 25 years Fraser mysteriously disappeared and when a search party trekked upinto the area to look for him in 1917, the camp and mines were deserted. But the beauty and the coolness of the area convinced the party that the area has more to offer than tin deposits. They convinced the British authorities that it would make an excellent hill station and named it Fraser’s Hill, after the missing Englishman.

Attraction in Fraser’s Hill

Attractions include pony rides, jungle trails, a nursery containing many exotic flowers and the Jeriau Waterfalls. Birds from as far as Siberia migrate here. The Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race, the only event of its kind in Malaysia, is a world renown event and held every June each year. This event is an international event to get people to preserve and understand all of the 250 species of wild birds.

Golfing is a popular sport in Fraser’s Hill. The 18 hole Fraser’s Hill Golf and Country Club features a colonial style club-house with tennis courts. A second golf course, is the short and tricky 9-hole at the Royal Fraser’s Hill Golf Club. Recreational activities include tennis courts and a sport complex with a heated swimming pool as well as horse riding and angling. One is also able to purchase fresh cuttings from flower gardens or pressed flowers from the souvenir shops.

Trail of Fraser’s Hill

One of the delights of a visit to Fraser’s Hill is to be able to explore the splendour of nature with a trek through the many well marked nature trails or tracks. To fully enjoy the experience, one has to be well-prepared. A pair of good trekking shoe or a strong walking shoe, a light water-proof jacket and a pair of binoculars to look out for the wide varieties of bird life there.

ABU SURADI (20 mins)
Linking Jalan Genting near Puncak Inn and Jalan Ampang near Oleh Sayang.

HEMMANT (30 mins)
Linking Jalan Genting near to the Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation office, to Valley Road at the junction with Jalan Lady Maxwell.

MAGER (25 mins)
Linking High Pines Road (Jalan Bukit Pokok Pain) to the Maybank Lodge at Jalan Ampang.

KINDERSLEY (25 mins)
Linking Jalan Lady Guillemard near STMB bungalow to the Methodist Lodge at Jalan Richmond.

ROMPIN (15 mins)
Linking Jalan Semantan opposite the Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel toJalan Sungai Hijau.

WRAY (1 hr 10 mins)
Linking Pine Tree Road near the Recreational Park to near the Bishop’s House. From here it joins to the Bishop’s Trail, to the Muar Cottage.

MAXWELL (1 hr 10 mins)
Linking Jalan Lady Maxwell to the Jalan Kuari or Quarry Road next to the Tamil School.